Tuesday, February 14, 2012

GAME 2 - Phillies 18, Expos 5

GAME 2 - The Vet
Don Stanhouse vs Larry Christenson
Eagles 18, Alouettes 5
In a game that looked like the NFL Eagles trounced the CFL Aloutetes in fact was a baseball game played between the defending ARAIG champ Phillies and the cellar dweller Expos.  Stanhouse, who did a great job the previous season gave up run early and often.  It was 15-0 before the Expos managed to scratch out some gift runs in the 6th and the 7th.  The "Bull" Greg Luzinski destroyed the Expos almost singlehandedly going 5 for 5 with 9 RBI's and 4 runs scored.  Luzinski had 3 doubles and 2 homers as the Phightin's posted 18 runs on 17 hits.  When they weren't getting on base via the hit the Phills were walking (12).  The only bright spot for the Expos was the fact that they got to the airport in time to fly Piedmont Air up to Pittsburgh thankful that they weren't stuck in Philly for a 3rd game and another beat down.

Real Life Results of this Game:  Expos 9, Phillies 8
Expos Record:  ARAIG (0-2) vs Real Life (2-0)

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